What is Media-Scape?

It has always been the driving spindle and elixir of avant-garde art to condense intellectual trends, social developments and technical innovations into an up-to-date interpretation of reality. Media-Scape focuses critically on these developments, their pre-history and their future perspectives. The concept of current trends, historical passage and future visions are presented through lectures, film and video screenings, exhibitions and performances. Held in reference to the historically pivotal symposia "Dialogue with the Machine" (Zagreb 1969) and "Television Today" (Zagreb 1972) in coalescence with the important contributory role Zagreb has made to the visual arts and design in general, Media-Scape marks the necessity of a human-shaped media-landscape to present concepts, ideas and artistic reflections in the new and emerging discipline of media art. In May 1991, during the international CAD forum, (symposium for architecture and design), media-artists and theoreticians came together for the first time to discuss the role of new media in their artistic work and the need for a continuing dialogue. Out of this came the idea of what is today called Media-Scape.

From 1993 to 1999 Media-Scape was taking a place in Zagreb, in Mimara Museum (1993), MM (Multimedijski) Centar (1994), HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists) and DAZ (Society of Croatian Architects) (1995), MSU (Museum of Contemorary Art) (1996-1999). The most profiled personalities in helping Media-Scape to curate were Bojan Baleti? (University Zagreb, School of Architecture) and Mladen Lu?i? (Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb).

From 2006 - 2009 Media-Scape moved to the Croatian town Novigrad/Cittanova in Istria, Croatia, first in the space of Gallery RIGO, and in the next years also Muzej/Museo Lapidarium. Co-curators and organizers of Media-Scape in Novigrad are Jerica Ziherl, art historian, director and curator of Gallery RIGO and Museum Lapidarium and Nikša Gligo, professor at University of Zagreb, Music Academy and member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

From 2006 - 2009 Media-Scape also took place in Berlin, at the Galerie der Künste (GdK), under the title "Strictly Berlin". This is a collaborative work together with many artists living temporary or permanently in Berlin, who show their works using media art. Artistic Director of GdK Noam Braslavsky is helping this project to be realized.

In 2010 Media-Scape is again in Zagreb, at the Croatian Society of Artists as biennial and celebrating 20 years of its founding. In 2012 Heiko Daxl died, so that the Media-Scape for the first time happened without him.

In 2014 Media-Scape was organized in collaboration and in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.

Founders and organizers (until 2012) of Media-Scape was Ingeborg Fülepp and Heko Daxl