marko Kosnik



Video project "Diptopija 08"


Marko Kosnik, polymedia artist, started his carrier in 80's as cofounder of Laibach, writing concepts as well for the groups Junajtit Adis, Cavis Negra, and Most. Since the beginning of his collaborative projects he was producing creative environments, open labs and media platforms, dealing with synchronization of authors from different backgrounds and self organization. Crossing from acoustic studies of subterranean Karst to prefomances and installations with sonorostatics (electro-acoustic plates) he entered performance with own productions of Egon March Institute, and started building interactive environments in 1993. Full complexitiy of his approach was presented in PARA trilogy, including Parahouse (self-producing environment for networked performance, Ostranenie 1997).
Kosnik acts as performer, writer, musician, installation arist, organizer, producer and video instrumentalist.