Niksa Gligo

Born in 1946 in Split, Croatia. In 1969 graduated Comparative Literature and English Language and Literature at the University of Humanistic Studies in Zagreb, Department of Philosophy, and in 1973 Musicology at the University of Humanistic Studies in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Department of Philosophy. In 1981 Masters Degree in Musicology at the Music Academy in Zagreb, Croatia and in1984 PhD in Musicology at the University of Humanistic Studies in Ljubljana. Postgraduate studies in Cologne (DAAD scholarship), Salzburg (Salzburg Seminar in American Studies), USA (Study travel by Invitation of State Department), Berlin (DAAD scholarship), Freiburg and Berlin (Alexander von Humbolt Scholarship).

From 1969 - 1986 director of the Music Salon at the Student Centre of Zagreb University. From 1986 assistant professor, and from 1993 professor at the Music Academy at Zagreb University, Department of Musicology. From 1991 - 1993 also assistant dean at the same Music Academy in Zagreb. From 1975 - 1991 secretary and/or director of International Festival of Contemporary Music, Music Biennale in Zagreb. From 1989 - 1994 member of the European Conference for the Promotion of New Music. From 1992 member of Croatian Directing Committee of Musicology Society and member-associate of Croatian Academy of Arts and Science (HAZU). From 1994 member of the Executive Committee of Semiotic Studies (IASS/AIS) and vice president of Department for Semiotics at the Croatian Society for Social and Humanistic Science.

Author and writer of many scientific publications in Croatia and abroad.

In 1969 awarded by SKOJ for music criticism, in 1985 and 1987 awarded by Josip Andreis Prize from Croatian Composers Society. In 1992 decorated as "Chevalier des Arts at des Letteres" by the French Ministry of Culture. Since 2006 member of Croatian Academy of Arts and Science