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will present miscellaneous research :

1: On 'ecritures musicales' (musical writing) - notation and score, process and forms - in matter with the languages of the computer and their interfaces. Some of these studies set out the principle of interactivity, these of the musician who would manipulate these scores and deduce out of it other mode of interpretation ('traduction'). And these of the audience whose intervention will be limited to make hearing some prerecorded sequences and their combinations by chosing different path.

2: Some short pieces for piano and pictures- extract from "Scènes de la vie d'un piano" (Lebenszenen eines Klavier*), concieved for Digital Video Disk, then interactive. Some could be performed also as concerts.

3: Fragments of "Promenade parfaite": It is a set of musical score, graphic variations of this score, other drawings and pictures in which also briefs video sequences takes place. These elements in 2D and 3D, interpenetrate and influence each other, to create contexts, and generate germs of little stories continuously renewed.

In collaboration with Elisabeth SON for computer graphics and editing and the main participation of : Eric ATLAN, Francois PETITPAS and Frederic FENOLLABBATE for programming




- Highschool, musical and academic education in Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Paris(France)
- Diploma of Composition, Master in Philosophy and Doctorate in Philosophy / Aesthetic
- Different teaching activities and researches: Conservatoire de musique d'Auteuil (Paris), CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), University of PARIS 10, Dpt. of Scenography at the 'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs'(74-88); Was also invited to teach in the Department of music of the State University of New York at Albany (78). Maître de Conferences at the Dpt. of Music in the University Paris 8.

since 1969
- Research and personnal works in the field of relations between the visual and the music.
- Has performed concerts (individual and group concerts) from the sixties, most of them included, in the integrality or partly, musical pieces with different kinds of projections, (video, films, diapositives...) performances and electroacoustics manipulations. Some works with other artists, composers -particularly with John Cage-, painters, film and stage directors ... . Also realised some works in studios for electroacoustic and electronic musics, participate to individual and group exhibitions, some of his texts, scores and various theoretical articles has been published.

Martin DAVORIN JAGODIC 's works: visual music, musical scenography ...
In parallel to and simultaneously with the composition per se ( he has been composing both instrumental and electronic works since 1960), and strictly in line with the notion of interpenetration between music and extra-musical elements or non-sounds, and in which the composer develops specific techniques, with images as an integral part of the music, he combines various technologies, including computers, to synthesize images, drawing on the mixing and interactive possibilities that they offer. The impact of the image and the environment, the times during which the different events occur, are partly the result of the original, precisely musical, way in which natural events, places and architectures are perceived by the composer. The starting point for the actual composition are situations, place or series of places perceived in terms of a mixture of sounds and visual elements. One word of caution, however: whatever affinities or relationships may exist between a perception and its transformations and which may give rise to a musical interpretation of an image, in many cases it is both elements -musical and non-musical - which generate new perceptions -ones which are variable, hence interactive - of the two media. We feel it, as though there were some common denominator making their fusion possible. For some pieces of music/image, the starting point is an idea, musical thought or gesture which needs to be "prolonged" through a new medium. For others, the image is like the condensed form of a scenario which is to be developed over time, creating links, a structure or even the whole musical form.

Moreover, alongside the composer's recent projects and compositions are several older works which objectively prefigured this form of composition, or way of doing things, and which thanks to the development of new technologies enabling direct and realtime intervention and transformation of both images and music, can now assume their just dimensions, also with the technical and artistic collaboration of Elisabeth SON.



Elisabeth SON
-Diploma of Scenography of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris (78), Master in Philosophy/Aesthetic, in La Sorbonne (83), Master in New Technologies at the University of Paris 8 (86) Realise scenographies for theatre (since 76), Operas and also for exhibitions and museums.
Works with teams of architects for simulations of building projects.
Since 90, sharing realisations of Martin Davorin Jagodic's works, for 2D and 3D computer-graphics, scenography, editing...
Has been invited by a new institution: Le Metafort d'Aubervilliers, (a place to experiment projects on new technologies and new medias), to elaborate a program of training for artists and other publics on new medias.