Axel Möckel

3-channel videoinstallation, 1992


"In his work he describes divergent analytical processes. In the installation "Lichtleiter" (light ladder) this appears in a pure and minimal form. Given that no elaborate language exists when it comes to the representation of new image media, Möckel would like to highlight the relations and dissidences between the traditional forms and images and the new possibilities of working with media. In "Lichtleiter" he demonstrates this idea through a confrontation between sculptural and graphic-painting principles, and the installation of image machines programmed by computer. Möckel produces moving images which, unlike a traditional pictorial representation, aims at a language submitted to the possibilities inherent to the computer. (...)


Möckel has confronted two completely different principles of sculptural representation, indeed the similar techniques of painting and graphics through the binary relating principle consisting of the creation of electronic images in the pure and minimalising illustration of divergent processes of paintings and electronic images production. He makes us recognise different processes of perception and their significance in the face of a reality impregnated with media." (Peter Funken)