Events consists of exhibition of video, computer and sound installations, photography, holography; interactive computer installations, concert /performance, screenings and lecture

29. September, 8 pm., Opening exhibition with the concert/performance by Zahre Mani

30. September, HDLU, 10:30 pm - 14 pm "Meet the Artists" and lectures by Isin Onol, Michael Saup, Dimitrina Sevova

Exhibition duration:
30. September - 19. October , Croatian Society of Artists (HDLU), Zagreb


Ingeborg Fülepp and Heiko Daxl, Media in Motion – Berlin / Zagreb  /

Curators Team:
Ingeborg Fülepp, independent artist/curator, Berlin-Zagreb,
Sibylle Hoessler, independent artist/ photographer, Berlin,
Iva Kovac, indepent curator, Zagreb/Paris,
Isin Onol, independent curator, Istanbul/Vienna,
Dimitrina Sevova, independent curator, Sofia/Zurich,

In collaboration with:
HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists)


"Zagreb Diary", Video documentation by Micael Saup "For Heiko" >>>>

Media and Press:

1. 10. 2012. Les Accidents Wordpress and Radio Sljeme, 3. Program, text Marko Golub, producer Evelina Turkovi?

28. and 29. September, 2012, HRT, Radio Sljeme, announcement to event by Olga Vujovic
2. October, HRT, Radio Sljeme, "Kultura prije sna", interview with Ingeborg Fülepp, by Olga Vujovic